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Our Vision

Our mission is to revolutionize the cryptocurrency trading industry.

Artificial Intelligence Trading

Our AI trading bot service evaluates cryptocurrencies using a variety of metrics, determines expectations of rise or fall with the help of its AI system, and trades accordingly.

Data Storage and Processing

Our FigCloud platform provides high storage capacity that allows you to manage your data securely and efficiently.

Real World Assets

By reinvesting profits generated from our AI trading bot and Web3 storage into real-world assets, we will ensure the sustainability of our project and minimize associated risks.

Our Team
Who We Are

Meet the Fignalx Team

We are a team of passionate cryptocurrency traders and industry experts, driven to build a better cryptocurrency trading industry. Our team is comprised of the best developers, data analysts, and traders, working together to provide innovative solutions to our clients.


We are proud to introduce our team, comprising a total of nine highly skilled and experienced members. Each team member brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from their previous roles in major corporate firms, adding immense value to our project.



Our team includes professionals who have worked at leading computer manufacturing companies, contributing to cutting-edge hardware innovations. These individuals possess deep technical expertise and a strong understanding of the hardware requirements necessary to support our advanced platform.



Additionally, we have team members who have been pivotal in the development of sophisticated artificial intelligence software. Their experience in AI spans various industries, equipping them with the skills to create innovative and intelligent solutions that enhance our project’s capabilities.



Our team is also globally diverse, with members residing in different countries (USA, China, Korea, Dubai). This international presence provides us with a broad perspective and the ability to understand and cater to a global audience. The cultural and professional diversity within our team fosters creativity and innovation, driving us to deliver world-class solutions.



Furthermore, our team includes experienced community managers who have successfully led large cryptocurrency projects. These individuals have a proven track record in building and managing vibrant, engaged communities, which is crucial for the success of our platform. Their expertise ensures that we maintain strong and active communication with our stakeholders, fostering trust and loyalty.



In conclusion, our team is a powerful blend of technical prowess, AI innovation, global insight, and community management expertise. Together, we are dedicated to driving our project forward and achieving our ambitious goals. We are excited about the future and confident in our ability to deliver exceptional results for our community and stakeholders.


Our Skills

Our Expertise

Our team has extensive knowledge in cryptocurrency trading, artificial intelligence, data storage and processing, and cutting-edge technology, making us the leading provider of cryptocurrency trading solutions.
Cryptocurrency Trading
Artificial Intelligence
Data Storage and Processing
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