Welcome to Fignalx, where we offer cutting-edge services to meet all your cryptocurrency trading needs. Our pricing plans are designed to give you the flexibility and value you need, while providing you with the highest level of service.

Basic Tier

$ Updated after the launch.
  • Separation of Altcoin Pairs by Market Value: Users can view altcoin pairs categorized based on their market capitalization, allowing for more informed decision-making.
  • Separation by Exchanges: The bot can distinguish between altcoin pairs available on different exchanges, enabling users to choose their preferred trading venues.
  • Top Performing Pairs: Identifies pairs with the highest potential for growth, optimizing trading opportunities

Pro Tier

$ Updated after the launch.
  • Separation of Rising Pairs by Time Zones: Users can filter pairs showing upward trends according to various time zones, offering a global perspective on trading opportunities.
  • Explanations for Performance: The bot provides detailed explanations for the reasons behind the rising trends, enhancing user understanding and strategy formulation.
  • Real-time Data Analytics Service


$ Updated after the launch.
  • Special Indicators: Access to exclusive indicators tailored to provide deeper insights and more precise trading signals.
  • Stock Trading Integration: As we expand, the bot will include features for trading stocks on advanced and emerging exchanges such as Nasdaq and S&P.
  • Separation of Stocks by Market Value: Users can view stocks categorized by their market capitalization.
  • Separation of Rising Stocks by Time Zones: Similar to altcoin pairs, stocks showing upward trends can be filtered by time zones.
  • Explanations for Stock Performance: Detailed explanations for the reasons behind the stock trends, supplemented with premium indicators.